Implementing Brain-Targeted Teaching Model to Enhance English Language Teaching and Learning Process

Banani Roy Chowdhury


Cognitive learning is gaining momentum in the world of education. This study aims to prove that ‘Brain-Targeted Teaching Model (BTT) is an effective teaching technique that helps students improve their perceptive skills and become more creative. Hardiman (2012) initiated this method at The Johns Hopkins University, USA. The methodology used is the BTT model, a pedagogical framework, that seeks to connect research and practice by providing instructors with a cohesive structure of effective instruction based on the neuro-cognitive sciences. The findings highlight that the six targets help educators combine many elements related to research-based teaching and associate each component to what neuroscience reveals about how a human brain learns (Hardiman, 2003). The results shed insights into how the teacher has to change her attitude towards students and have a better understanding of their minds and emotions in establishing a positive relationship.

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