Engaging Dialogues to Experience a Bigger Picture: The Potential of Portfolios, Digital Storytelling with Video Shows for Reading Activities

Reni Kusumaningputri


Dialogic reading develops the self. In EFL contexts, like in Indonesia, initiating dialogues as an objective in reading classes has not been extensively explored as these classes commonly focus on enhancing vocabulary and grammatical competence to prepare students for standardized tests. This study examined the potential of reading-mediated tasks incorporating portfolios, digital storytelling, and video shows which encourage both intramental and intermental dialogues in the reading experience. Anchored in Vygotsky’s tenet of dialogue in language learning, this study explored the potential of tasks to engage students to see reading activities as growing-self learning. Interviews were conducted to collect data of students’ experiences on instruction, digital storytelling as learning artifacts, classroom observation, photo elicitations, and the researcher’s journal. Data recorded indicate the understanding of five EFL students in making meaning; interaction, connection, interpretation of the text, and the making of reflection-based tasks of their life for reading activities. The result showed that the mediated tasks optimize reading as a dialogic social practice. 


dialogic reading; digital storytelling; intramental dialogue; intermental dialogue

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