The Effectiveness of Games in Enhancing Vocabulary Learning among Iranian Third Grade High School Students



Games provide an opportunity for students to collaborate and cooperate with each other, create a fun, interesting, and effective learning environment, and promote an enjoyable learning experience and teach students vocabulary. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of games on Iranian high school students’ vocabulary learning. The researchers used vocabulary Bingo game for this objective. The researchers adopted the experimental research design for this study. 80 students were randomly selected for this study. The researchers chose 40 students with respect to their scores in Oxford Placement Test (OPT) as the participants of this study. They were divided into control and experimental groups, each group consisted of 20 students. Vocabulary Bingo game was used for teaching experimental group, while traditional teaching method was used for control group. The experimental group learnt vocabulary through using vocabulary Bingo game in 10 sessions. The gathered data were statistically analyzed by utilizing the statistical package for social science (SPSS). The researchers used independent sample t-test to measure the effect of vocabulary Bingo game on the experimental group. The findings showed that there were statistically significant differences in the mean scores of pre- test and post-test. The findings indicated that the experimental group outperformed the control group and the statistical results were considerable in post-test. Such findings were attributed to the use of vocabulary Bingo game in teaching vocabulary. The findings also revealed that using games is effective in improving learners’ vocabulary knowledge.

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