Monitoring Preservice Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy Development through Journal Writing

Erika Marcela Restrepo Bolívar


Available literature in the field of language assessment remarks the need to strengthen teacher education programs to develop future teachers’ assessment literacy since several studies conclude that even in-service teachers lack the knowledge and skills to implement sound assessment practices. In order to contribute to local and global discussions on the issue, the current paper describes the experience of implementing learning journal writing to monitor preservice teachers’ development of language assessment literacy in an assessment and testing course at the faculty of education in a private university in Medellin, Colombia. Outcomes evidence substantial changes in future teachers’ understandings regarding the definition and purposes of assessment, students’ and teachers’ roles, the what and how, ethical considerations, and desirable practices in language assessment. Moreover, implications related to the impact of teacher educators’ assessment practices on prospective teachers’ future choices derive from the experience.


Language Assessment Literacy, language assessment, teacher education, pre-service teachers, classroom-based assessment

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